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Updates and Labels

Hello blog readers!

You may have noticed there have been new images appearing regularly this week. I'm happy to say I've now got enough images of Marxhausen's work to keep new posts appearing on this blog regularly. From now through Christmas, new watercolors and photos will be posted automatically every other day. Check back tomorrow for a new watercolor.

There's a nice story behind how I came across all these images. I'll thank God for this one. Apparently, Amber Konz, the founder of the Marxhausen blog, compiled photos of hundreds of works by Marxhausen, but never had a chance to upload it all. I stumbled across this old folder in one of the computers in the lab, and when I mentioned it, she was surprised to hear about it. She had been told that folder had been deleted. Thankfully, a copy survived, and now I'm going to start posting these artworks. There are folders for all kinds of media: sculpture, painting, watercolor, laundry machine lint, etc. For now, I'm mostly posting watercolor to keep things organized. In future, you can look forward to a whole range of media. There are also photos of Marxhausen's studio, giving you a glimpse into his work space.

For readers who are less familiar with blogs, let me take this opportunity to explain "labels." Labels are the words you see at the bottom of each post in grey text. I'm using labels like "watercolor," "photography," "essays," etc. Click on one, and you will see all the images and posts relating to that topic. So, if you just want to see Marxhausen's watercolor, or if there's a specific image you are looking for, using labels will make that simpler for you.

A big thank you to Amber Konz for compiling these images.

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Clay Brick Video

This clay brick was a gift Reinhold gave to his son Karl. The lettering reminds me of the brick art in Weller basement.
Update 12/23/10:
These links lead to other videos of the same brick shot at different angles: second video, third video.