Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pickety Wickety Clickity Clack

A picket fence does not have to look even. It can be uneven just as well. When it is uneven, the sound will be more interesting when the neighborhood boy comes by with his stick to drag along the staves.

Long sticks make low notes. Short sticks make high notes.

Cut the sticks and tune them. Arrange them so a recognizable tune can be played.

Let the boy and the neighborhood discover that the fence has a tune.

Let the Neighborhood discover why the fence is so uneven.

Change the tune each year.

Make a wooden fence in a circle. Tune the interchangeable sticks so you can play a round. Three children running around and clacking the fence at the same speed can play the round.

An essay written by Marx.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Marxy and his Unicycle

Dave Kohl had mentioned in the very first comment of the very first blog on this site about some photographs he had taken of Marxy, and I found them in a stack of photographs. I think they show Marxy very well.

- Amber Konz