Saturday, May 28, 2011

Two books by Reinhold


I've returned from my school trip to France. After 11 days of sight-seeing and learning, I've returned with a book full of sketches, a bag full of books, and a head full of ideas. Since there were no posts while I was away, here are links to a couple of files I've been working on which fans of Marxhausen will enjoy.

Both of them are scrapbooks Reinhold made. One is called New Forms of Worship, and shows artwork and worship spaces along with his notes on them.

The second, A Time to See, should sound familiar to those who have seen his documentaries. The scrap book features several of the photos featured in the documentary he made, as well as multiple additional photographs in a similar vein.

Here is the URL of the page of Scribd, where I am collecting Marxhausen related documents: