Sunday, May 1, 2011

Book on Sound Sculpture

Today, I visited Link Library at CUNE and checked out the book "Sound Sculpture: a collection of essays by artists surveying the techniques; applications; and future directions of sound sculpture." It was edited by John Grayson and the back of the book describes it as "The first publication to deal completely with this new art form." Part I of the book is devoted to senior artists active in the field of sound sculpture, which is where Reinhold is featured.

In his essay, Marxhausen relates the stories of different objects he worked with to create musical sounds. As a young boy on the farm, Marxie collected discarded whiskey bottles (unbeknownst to his father, a minister). Another story was playing the musical saw with the Lincoln Nebraska symphony. I plan to post the full text of Reinhold's essay in future.

This book lends further creedence to Reinhold's status as a "founding father" of an artistic movement within sculpture.

For those who have been fascinated by the musical works by Reinhold, such as his star dusts, cosmic cubes, and head sets, here is a list of names of other artists featured in the book for you to research: Bernard Baschet, Francois Baschet, A. Villeminot, Harry Bertoia, Allan Kaprow, Stephan Von Huene, David Jacobs, and Charles Mattox.

1975, Pulp Press, Canada.