Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Tower - 1953

Page 62 of the 1953 "Tower" yearbook has a story about the completion of the mural in Brommer, which at that point was the dining hall.
Last year, before I began researching Marxhausen, I was working in Brommer when I met an older man returning for Homecoming. He told me that while he was here, Marxhausen used his hands as the model for the mural. The old student said that Marxhausen just called him as he was on his way out of the cafeteria, positioned his hands the way they needed to be, and drew a gesture sketch so quickly, it amazed the student.

The mural was covered up around the 70s.

This yearbook had a movie theme: the students were the "cast," the administration were the "directors," etc. This page was for the yearbook staff, and Marxhausen is one of the "producers." I take it this means he was the professor in charge of yearbook that year.
Here is his faculty photo, along with Koenig, who left Concordia his estimable collection of art which became known as the Koenig Collection.