Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marxy in the Sower - 1/31/84

This is a blurb from the Sower newspaper. Don Dynneson was another professor of art and a contemporary of Marxhausen's. Prof. Perschbacher shared this story about Marxhausen which he originally heard from Dynneson:

Marxhausen was visiting the city dump, examining different objects. A worked asked him what he was looking for. Marxhausen said something to this effect: "It isn't so much what I'm looking for, it's what I'm finding."

This story demonstrates a distinction in creating art: one way of working is to carefully plan out the details before beginning, while another is to simply respond to what you find. When Perschbacher took our class to the dump to find objects for a metal sculpture, we couldn't plan out the details before we began. We had to respond to objects we found, and isolate what was beautiful about those odd metal scraps.