Sunday, September 5, 2010

Buy Some Art, Help a Great Cause!

Art exhibitions are wonderful in so many ways. They're educational, entertaining and give people something beautiful to look at in the midst of our busy lives. The exhibition on the art of Reinhold Marxhausen will surely be all of these things and more. Marxhausen taught his students (and everyone around him) to notice the beauty in everyday objects. Whether a shadow falling across the sidewalk, a smooth stone or a rusty tin can, Marxhausen could certainly find the most special and exciting attributes. We at the Center for Liturgical Art hope that this exhibit inspires guests to reawaken a sense of wonder as they experience the world.

The Center received a gift of $10,000 to fund the exhibit. We're challenging our supporters (that includes you, blog reader!) to help us match this donation by December 2010. The funds raised will be used to complete further research about Marx and his art, put together the show and travel it to St. Louis (and hopefully other destinations!), and create an exhibition catalogue for visitors.

This exhibition might seem like a one time event, but it is just one more way we can help Marxhausen's legacy live on. By having the exhibition in St. Louis, we're spreading his philosophy to new regions. By creating a catalogue, we're ensuring that a solid compilation of information about Marxhausen will be available to future students and the public at Concordia Unversity. It's an investment we're really excited about!

If you're interested in contributing, check out our website at Mark Anschutz, the resident artist and director of the CLA has graciously donated his paintings to the Center. You can purchase these paintings on our website if you click on "store." 100% of the proceeds from these paintings will go directly to the Marxhausen exhibit. You'll get a new piece of art for your living room and benefit a great cause as well!