Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Art in Weller

Marxhausen's office used to be located in Weller's basement. His office would be to the left if you walked down this hall, while the classroom would be to the right. Those glass cases displayed artwork by students. The rooms are now used for storage and were stripped bare of any artwork when Brommer became the art building. However, Marxhausen's scripture in brick remains along with this mural.

Several teachers I spoke to mentioned the brick piece, and a few of them also recalled that this mural was painted by Marxhausen. It bears a distinct resemblance to an image from the Hall of the Bulls in a cave in Lascaux, France.

This piece in one of the display cases does not look like any of the other work by Marxhausen that I've seen, so I think it may have been done by another Professor or a student. Still, if it were done by a student, could it have been done for a class taught by Marxhausen? Does anyone have any information about this piece?

- Duncan