Monday, November 30, 2009

Cast your nets into the deep

The 1972 sabatical trip
of the USA covered 33,000 miles
included every state
wife and 2 sons in a Winnebago motor home.

Thousands of people as audience and
workshop participants. A stunning experience!
Now it is ending.
Last day of trip.
Heading for home.
What to do to make it special.

The map showed Pibel Lake
near Burwell on the way.
We’ll stop there.

Dorris picked some flowers in the road ditch
the day was quiet and beautiful
and the pond was small, weedy, dirty
with a sandy beach.

Karl made a boat out of dried weeds to float
and Paul dangled a line with a bare fish hook
in the water
To play
No pole

I felt grateful for Divine guidance
and was filled with energy and
a shout.

How does one say thank you?

I grabbed the reel with the line
and the bare metal hook
From the hands of Paul.
I pulled back my right arm.
and flung out the bare hook
with all the praise, energy
and thanksgiving I could muster.

What a feeling of release!

The instant the hook hit the water
a large fish grabbed it.
I had a fish,
and a possible heart attack.

With yelling and shouting
and pulling on the line
the fish was brought to the shore.
It measured from the tip of
my middle finger to the top
of my shoulder.
Thirty inches!
of Northern Pike.
No pole, no license
no intention.

Can there be success without intention?

A poem written by Marx.
- Amber Konz